Thursday, April 11, 2019

Language Exchanges Wanted

Language Exchanges organized by ESL in Canada

Toronto Language Exchanges Wanted

Maya Sonoda (F)
- Japan
- future career Medical Transcripts
- Likes ER TV show, Baseball
- will trade First Language Japanese for Business English in Toronto

Scarlett (F)
- Korea
- Career Librarian
- likes Library & information
- likes swimming, exercising,
- R & B music, singing, dancing, Ugly Betty TV show, Lord of the Rings movie
- will trade First Language Korean for Business English in Toronto

Serina Lin (F)
- Taiwan
- Career Education Publishing and consulting
- likes ping pong, Theatre, hiking and birdwatching
- will trade First Language Mandarin for Business English in Toronto Anna Moroz (F)
- Ukraine
- international tourism
- likes dancing, singing, going to the cinema with friends and communicating
- will trade First Language Ukraine for Spanish in Toronto

Ljiljana (F)
- Croatia (Hrvatska)
- freelancer translator/writer
- likes finding bits of unusual information, and thinking about a Big Picture
- will trade Serbian or Croatian for French or Spanish

Hyunwoo Park (M)
- Korea (South)
- Main interest in School: Media
- Favorite Foods: sliced pork
- trade Korean for English

Nimeh Ibrahim (F)
- Jordan
- will trade Arabic for English

Byambadulam Battumur (F)
- job description: nurse
- Favorite Movies:titanic
- trade Mongolian for English

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