Sunday, February 14, 2016

Seeking a Japanese Language Exchange Partner

Good morning

I am a retired financial executive.

Seeking a Japanese Language Exchange Partner for 2 hours per week.

Toronto, Canada


Please copy the following basic Language Exchange Registration Information and email to: info (at) eslincanada (dot) com

Country of citizenship

First language


Email address


Full residence address

Emergency contact Number

Second language you wish to practice:

Your Age:

I am a Male __ Female __

I prefer an exchange with a Male __ Female __

Education level:

Major or main interest in School:

Type of Work and job description:

Do you like sports?

Do you like dance, opera, theatre, art, other live performance?

Favorite music:

Favorite TV shows:

Favorite movies:

Favorite foods:

Other favorites:

Other activities or hobbies or interests:

Best days and time to language exchange for 1 hour:

Additional questions will be asked at the initial interviews to determine suitability.